Jim White Safety Award — Jim Dollard

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Jim White’s Wife Vickie Presents the Safety Award to Jim Dollard

NETA’s annual James R. White Safety Award is named in honor of an industry icon. Each year, the recipient is chosen for their passion and dedication, and the award is a culmination of their never-ending quest for perfection in electrical safety, which is specifically for one purpose: the protection and well-being of the electrical worker.

“No one is more qualified when it comes to electrical safety than James ‘Jim’ Dollard,” said Ron Widup, Vice Chairman, Board of Directors and Senior Advisor, Technical Services at Shermco Industries as he announced the winner. “With a long career in the electrical trades, Jim is a driven man who is always looking out for what is best for the worker in the field.”

“NETA’s Jim White was a safety professional who exemplified what a safety director should be, and Jim Dollard is cut from that same cloth,” Widup continued. “He has spent his life in the safety industry. His impact is immediately recognizable, and his passion for what we’re doing really stands out. Jim’s work in electrical safety begins at the genesis of it all — codes and standards — and he has made electrical power system installations and work practices better. There will be a room of 40 or 50 subject matter experts, and Jim Dollard will take an issue and distill it down into a common-sense, worker-in-the-field response to these codes and standards like no other.”

“When it comes to the National Electric Code, NFPA 70E,” Widup concluded, “it is most appropriate that Jim Dollard receive the James R. White Safety Award.”