Stephanie McLaughlin: Promoting a Servant-Leader Culture

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Stephanie W. McLaughlin is the Employee Development Manager for Hood Patterson & Dewar, Inc. (HP&D), where she recently led the development and implementation of HP&D’s employee development program that supports employees in offices in five states, including a large team of registered Professional Engineers (PEs), degreed engineers, and career test technicians.  McLaughlin specializes in analyzing learners’ needs and then designing …

Digital Substation LAN Design and Testing

Steel McCreery, OMICRON electronics Canada Corp Features, Summer 2023 Features

Ethernet is considered a fast, reliable, and scalable local area network (LAN) technology that has become predominant within electrical utility substations. Unlike information technology (IT) LANs, which are used to move general non-critical information, operational technology (OT) LANs carry information that is used to directly perform critical control functions such as tripping, blocking, and interlocks.  To ensure that electrical utility …

A Tsunami of Funding Affecting Fiber Optic Projects

Jim Hayes, Fiber Optic Association Features, Summer 2023 Features

The tsunami of funding stemming from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) has the fiber optic industry in a frenzy, partially because sufficient workforce to build networks is lacking and supply chain problems are causing long delivery times for basic components like fiber optic cable. The need for broadband was brought to the forefront during the pandemic when work, …

Distribution Automation Networks — Application & Testing

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Reclosers play an important role in distribution networks, where their primary role is to automatically reclose following a trip operation due to a fault. This ensures that power restoration causes only a momentary disruption to customers, rather than an extended outage.  Over the years, distribution networks have been automated to enhance system performance. Network automation involves communication between the devices …

New For 2023: NFPA 70B

Dave Huffman, Power Systems Testing Company, and Ron Widup, Shermco Industries Features, Summer 2023 Features

It was late in 2017 when the notice for the Second Draft meeting for the 2019 edition of NFPA 70B, Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance came out, and within the agenda was an item to discuss the 2023 edition. COVID-19 wasn’t even a thought for any of us. Social distancing, masking up, and quarantine were unheard of, and  Teams/Zoom …

ANSI/NETA Standards Update

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ANSI/NETA MTS–2023 REVISION COMPLETED ANSI/NETA–2023, Standard for Maintenance Testing Specifications for Electrical Power Equipment and Systems, has completed an American National Standards revision process. ANSI administrative approval was granted on March 6, 2023. The new edition is available for purchase and supersedes the 2019 edition.  ANSI/NETA MTS contains specifications for suggested field tests and inspections to assess the suitability for …

Jim White Safety Award — Jim Dollard

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NETA’s annual James R. White Safety Award is named in honor of an industry icon. Each year, the recipient is chosen for their passion and dedication, and the award is a culmination of their never-ending quest for perfection in electrical safety,

Lifetime Achievement Award — Alan Peterson

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The audience at NETA’s PowerTest Awards Luncheon didn’t need a reminder that someone special was missing, but Ron Widup, Vice Chairman, Board of Directors and Senior Advisor, Technical Services at Shermco Industries, didn’t miss his chance to honor the recipient of a 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award.