PowerTest Product Showcase

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PowerTest24 did not disappoint. Over 1,000 attendees swarmed the Trade Show floor, visiting with the electrical power industry’s top-tier suppliers, equipment manufacturers, and service providers. If you missed PowerTest24, here are a few of the stand-out industry service partners featured at this year’s event.


A-Rent Unveils New Asset Management Service

At PowerTest24, A-Rent unveiled its new asset management service. A-Rent provides a flexible and customizable asset management service for test equipment owners. With a new cloud-based software, asset management with A-Rent removes the hassle out of owning equipment while maximizing returns. A-Rent’s asset management solutions include equipment storage, cleaning, testing, calibrating, repairing, planning, and shipping of test equipment. 

Eaton Announces EatonCare and Voyten Electric Partnership

To deliver more responsive and effective emergency shipments after hours, EatonCare has partnered with Voyten Electric, an industrial and commercial electrical wholesaler. This new partnership will ensure best-in-service and solutions for Eaton’s after-hours emergency component shipments. The after-hours service provides component shipments for stock items out of Eaton’s W34 warehouse via will-call or Hot Shot carrier services. 

ETI Precision Showcases the ETI ACDC-10, 10-amp Power Supply

The ETI ACDC-10 is the perfect 10-amp power supply for every fleet service vehicle. Simple to use, rugged, and in a compact wheeled case, this 63-lb power supply generates up to 560 VAC or 480 VDC. Use it for resetting circuit breaker charging motors and other general-purpose applications. The technology was showcased at PowerTest 24 and is currently in stock. 

High Voltage, Inc. Highlights PFT-503CM(F), AC Hipot Test Set

High Voltage, Inc. displayed its most popular model, the PFT-503CM(F) portable AC Hipot tester, which has high demand worldwide. The PFT-503CM(F) AC Hipot test set provides continuously adjustable output voltages for overvoltage withstand testing of switchgear, circuit breakers, reclosers, vacuum bottles, hot sticks, and other high-voltage insulation requiring AC tests. This PFT series offers a convenient one-piece, field portable design with a 0 to 50 kV AC output, a 6-meter (20-foot) shielded HV output cable, a guard ground circuit for accurate leakage current measurements, and transit-protected meters to prevent meter damage between test sites.

HV Diagnostics Inc. Introduces the HVA68TD VLF/DC 68kV Peak High-Voltage Testing System

At PowerTest 2024, HV Diagnostics announced what it describes as the “revolutionary” HVA68TD VLF/DC 68 kV peak high-voltage testing system designed for the toughest MV cable testing requirements. This unit packs a punch with powerful 2 uF (over 20, 000 feet of cable) at full voltage and frequency — well-equipped for testing even the longest MV cables. Also included is a fully integrated tan delta diagnostic measurement system with automatic distance to fault (should one occur during testing), saving time and resources.

intellirent Featuresthe TDOS HD1000m with an On-Line Filtration System

When a potential issue with excess water in a transformer’s insulation system is identified — and the unit cannot be taken off-line — intellirent has an alternative solution. At PowerTest 24, intellirent featured the TDOS HD1000m with an on-line filtration system, which is an excellent way to dry out a transformer’s insulation. The solution is easy to use, safe, efficient, and offers proven results.


The new OMICRON CPOL3 is a handheld device that checks the wiring and corrects the polarity of CT, VT, and other circuits. It displays the magnitude of AC signals and the polarity of DC signals, which allows for burden voltage measurement. Voltages up to 1,000 V can be safely measured with the CPOL3, and current can be measured by using a current clamp/shunt with its analog inputs.

Protec Displays the New Fluke 1777

Protec Equipment Resources displayed the new Fluke 1777, now in its fleet and available for rental, at PowerTest24. Customers who like the 1750 will love the new 1777 with its built-in touch screen, new Energy Analyze software, Wi-Fi, greater memory, auto-correct, and a faster sampling rate.

RESA Power Service Delivers Critical Power Services Across the U.S. and Canada

RESA Power Service, a NETA-accredited leader in critical power services across the U.S. and Canada, ensures optimal performance and efficiency with tailored solutions. From electrical testing and maintenance to transformer services and specialty distribution needs, RESA is a trusted, go-to expert. RESA’s comprehensive services also include commissioning and start-up testing, power quality analysis, renewable energy systems testing, electrical safety training, power systems troubleshooting, and more. 

Voyten Electric Announces Availability of Siemens Wendell RL and LA Breaker Inventory

In 2023, Voyten Electric purchased all the remaining inventory of RL and LA breakers from Siemens Wendell. Voyten now has all the drawings, tooling, and jigs — along with all vendors — so the company can continue providing new parts for the RL and LA and new complete breakers for the RL breaker line.