Welcome to PowerTest 2023

Eric Beckman, National Field Services, NETA PresidentColumns, President's Desk, Spring 2023 Columns

Welcome to Orlando, Florida, and PowerTest 2023! We are excited to return to Florida and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. I hope everyone can enjoy golf or some of the theme parks in the local area while also participating in the premier electrical testing and safety conference.

Electric motors play a crucial role in many modern technologies, including transportation (electric cars), manufacturing, oil and gas production, and power generation, and assessing machine condition and predicting failures is equally as critical. In this edition of NETA World, our cover story highlights the importance of effectively evaluating insulation using non-invasive techniques.

Discussions on assessing stator cores, new methods for inspecting motor and generator windings, and determining the thermal class of an electrical machine are also featured. As industry and technology continue to grow worldwide, electrical machines will continue to convert mechanical energy into electricity and vice versa, thereby remaining the workhorse of the electrical world. Commissioning, testing, and assessing electrical machines will always be of vital importance.

Importantly, this issue honors the loss of two individuals who have meant so much to the electrical industry and to NETA: Alan Peterson and Pete Sherman. These two men did so much for the electrical testing world, and they will forever be remembered for the way they helped shape the industry.

Plan ahead and always put safety first!          

Eric Beckman, PE, President
InterNational Electrical Testing Association