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TruCONTROL Retrofit Kit — Zenith ATS

The ABB TruCONTROL retrofit kit provides legacy automatic transfer switching equipment to the latest in ATS power switching control technology. The TruCONTROL retrofit kit allows you to easily incorporate and coordinate your legacy Zenith ATS with other ABB devices using connectivity with ABB Ability™ electrical distribution control system (EDCS) software.



Asset Management Solutions

A-Rent offers comprehensive asset management solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of NETA firms. Contact A-Rent with a list of your equipment, and we will work with your team to hold your assets at our Chicago or Houston location. Next, we will clean, test, calibrate, and maintain your assets to prepare them for your next project. When you have a project need, we will ship your equipment to the testing site. After your project is complete, A-Rent will receive, clean, functionally test, and store the equipment to be ready for your next project. By choosing A-Rent as your asset management provider, you will reduce unnecessary equipment spend while improving ROI and utilization.



Multi-Analyzer SF6

After years of innovative research and development, DILO’s new and improved Multi-Analyzer SF6 gas analyzer boasts an upgraded and intuitive interface on a 7-inch color touch screen. Mobile operation capabilities allow convenient remote control via smart devices. The Multi-Analyzer SF6 requires no warm-up time and is ready for immediate operation. This emission-free, multi-functional measuring device can determine up to six measuring parameters, including SF6 volume percentage, moisture concentration, and SO2 concentration PPM, with only one sample.



Spark P3

Doble Spark P3 is a universal partial discharge (PD) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) analyzer. The new device enables users to easily perform comprehensive PD and EMI insulation system diagnostics and analysis on a wide range of high-voltage apparatuses. Doble’s Spark measurement systems will integrate with the new Doble Pulse™ companion PC software, which enables the user to manage measurement data, edit test plans and asset information, visualize measurement data, and export individual data sets or entire test plans to report templates.



Wireless Phase Reference Accessory for UTP2

The Wireless Phase Reference is a UTP accessory that allows it to receive a phase reference in places where its onboard sensors might not. It uses a variety of sensors to capture the power frequency and transmits it wirelessly in real time to the Plus 2. Battery powered, magnetic mount.



After-Hours Emergency Shipments

Eaton introduces an after-hours partnership with Voyten Electric, an industrial and commercial electrical wholesaler, to deliver more responsive and effective emergency shipments during nonbusiness hours. This new partnership will assure best-in-service and solutions for Eaton’s after-hours emergency component shipments.



IR Window and Cameras

Exiscan is unveiling a new quick-installing IR window that will be of interest to contractors and anyone doing large retrofit projects. We have also partnered with an IR camera manufacturer for a line of cutting edge IR cameras with onboard trending and diagnostic and IA Technologies that will save thermographers time during their routes and allow them to better identify faults while in the field.



US-Made Contractor VI Series

Group CBS is bringing this US-made technology back to the USA one design at a time. Our Contactor VI series has been a huge success, with zero failed or returned in 2 years of manufacturing. We are currently testing and have plans to release our 15-kV-, 1200-, and 2000-amp vacuum circuit breaker interrupter series this year. This innovative design will be better suited to replacement applications and will be a key part of the infrastructure spare parts supply for the US over the next 50 years. Look for more designs and new technology from the leader in medium-voltage circuit breaker life extension in the US.



HVT-DI Single AC Hipot Tester

By eliminating the separate transformer, this first all-in-one, one-piece solution for AC hipot testing with fully digital controls makes onsite testing more convenient due to its lighter weight and ease of transport. The improved portability will greatly simplify testing of reclosers, switchgears, bucket trucks and their liners, as well as electrical apparatus and other applications.



New Rental Fleet Offerings 

OMICRON Daneo Network Analyzer

Hybrid substation network analyzer essential for IEC 61850 applications.


Works with CMC, COMPANO, CT Analyzer, CPC 100 to easily verify wiring polarity for CT’s, PT’s, and all panel wiring.

Full Calibration Management Services

  • Quick turnarounds
  • Competitive rates
  • ISO/IEC 17025:2017, ANSI/NCSL Z540.1-1994, and ISO 9001:2015- accredited service



100-kV RTS Test Set

MVA’s new product is a 100-kV RTS test set that can be shipped to support NETA companies with their testing.  




CPOL3 is a handheld device that displays the magnitude of AC signals as well as the magnitude and polarity of DC signals. Voltage can be measured directly with the CPOL3 up to 1000 V, and current can be measured by using a current clamp/current shunt with the CPOL3 inputs. The CPOL3 also has an oscilloscope and a spectrum analyzer mode. Using a three-phase waveform, phase identification is verified using the CPOL3.



CVA500 Test Set

ProgUSA is introducing a new CT/PT/CVT test set from DV Power with a 10-inch touch screen for ease of programming and viewing results. Model CVA500 uses the IEEE/IEC-approved secondary test injection method for CT testing. In addition to 2 KV AC direct injection measurements, it adds something new by calculating instrument security factor (IFS) for metering-type CTs and accuracy limit factor (ALF) for protection type CTs. This provides improved accuracy over typical CT suppliers of about the same cost and costs less than higher-end CT testers with the same accuracy. Also new is a fully automatic tester function that auto-sequences through several test types at each of the multi-taps. A five-tap interface is included. DV Power’s 3-year warranty also applies with USA service based in Florida.



2024 New Rental Equipment

Protec Equipment Resources added 10 new models to its rental fleet. Protec has invested over $20 million, offering the latest electrical testing equipment from the leading manufacturers. 

New Equipment Sampling:

  • AEMC 6292 200A Digital Micro-Ohmmeter
  • Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager
  • Megger Baker ADX Automated Diagnostic Motor Tester
  • Raytech CAPO-12 12kv Capacitance and Tan Delta Power Factor Meter
  • UViRCO CC7-HD CoroCAM 7HD Professional Solar Blind Corona Camera



FRSL Test Now Available in the Mini-ATOS

A new FRSL test is now available in the mini-ATOS. The FRSL test can be used to find mechanical problems in windings, such as the shorted turns between the parallel strands of a winding. The short circuit impedance is measured at various frequencies up to 400 Hz. Due to the skin effect, the resistance increases at higher frequencies.

The readings can be compared with other phases. If it looks different, it may be a sign of a short circuit between a parallel strand or other problems.



TRC Power Academy

TRC’s Power Academy provides best-in-class learning and workforce development solutions across the utility industry. Our client base has grown by 200% over the past two years as we have expanded the modalities and advanced technologies leveraged to build and sustain training systems. Our team of learning experts build programs using the latest in learning and assessment technologies including mixed reality, substation simulations, and digital imaging.  

We have also built and now maintain a state-of-the-art training facility on the East Coast that includes a fully simulated station and yard that allows for hands-on training and employee vetting/qualifications. TRC Power Academy is an accredited provider of Professional Development Hours (PDHs) and Continuing Technical Development (CTDs) for each course to satisfy development requirements for professional licenses such as Professional Engineer and NETA Certified Technician Levels 2, 3, and 4. 




Utility Relay Company continues to develop innovative products for their AC-PRO® family of LV circuit breaker modernization solutions, and this year is no exception. BREAKER-IQ™ is a full-color door-mounted touchscreen that enables users to safely view breaker status, engage and disengage the QUICK-TRIP® (ERMS) arc flash reduction system, trip and close breakers, and analyze data — all without having to open the cubicle door. Learn more and come see BREAKER-IQ™ in action at booth 245.



RL & LA Breakers

In 2023, Voyten Electric purchased all remaining inventory of RL & LA breakers from Siemens Wendell. With the purchase, we have all the drawings, tooling, and jigs, as well as all vendors so we can continue providing new parts for the RL and LA and new complete breakers for the RL breaker line.