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AEMC Instruments


AEMC’s New Line of Simple-to-Use Data Loggers

AEMC Instruments has just introduced a new, low-cost line of simple-to-use data loggers. These small, compact data loggers measure just 3 inches by 3/4 inches. The 10 models in the family measure dc volts, ac volts, dc current, pulse, event, and temperature (model dependent). Inputs to each unit are facilitated through a two-pin screw terminal. For simplicity, sample rate and storage interval are predetermined and do not require user input. Scaling, units of measure, time and date, and recording length are user-configurable through the provided software. Data analysis and report generation are also available through the software.

AVO Training Institute, Inc.


Microprocessor-Based Relay Testing, Feeder Protection Course

AVO Training Institute introduces its new Microprocessor-Based Relay Testing, Feeder Protection Course. The first course is scheduled March 25, 2019. This course is a natural progression for technicians who have received their Protective Relay Maintenance basic certification.

The course will expand past the basics of mechanical relays, explaining how to establish communication with the relay to 1) download event recorder data, and 2) read and save relay settings. ANSI/NETA and NFPA 70B maintenance and testing standards recommend testing relays either every two years or at other regular intervals based on equipment condition and reliability requirements. The relays used in the course lab exercises are SEL-751A, GE SR750, and ABB REF615.

BRAH Electric Manufacturing


Plug-and-Play Relay Product Line

BRAH Electric Mfg. is thrilled to announce its new direct replacement line of bus plugs. The line currently includes replacement bus plugs that fit the General Electric OEM Spectra, Spectra Low-Amp, Armor Clad, and Flex-A-Plug Series busway systems, as well as a replacement line that fits the Bulldog/Siemens BD Series OEM busway.

BRAH mastermind engineer and co-owner Garrett Garcia has designed a universal bus plug that includes BRAH’s US-patented and UL-listed FCS-100 inner switch. This inner switch features a floating contact design unlike anything else on the market and offers superior longevity, endurance, and reliability. These families of bus plugs, coupled with the new BRAH Logic Wireless Power Metering, have the market buzzing and BRAH’s customers raving!

CE Power Engineered Services


NERC MOD Testing and Model Validation

CE Power is excited to provide NERC MOD testing/model validation to generation plants. These NERC standards address how generators and associated systems behave dynamically to changes in voltage and frequency. CE Power can identify the correct IEEE models and perform staged testing where we collect output data from the associated generator systems. By utilizing the latest modeling software, we can validate models by applying data gathered from this testing. From there, comprehensive reports are sent to NERC for compliance acceptance. CE Power can assist your clients by providing NERC testing on generators or plants ranging in size from 50MW and up.



Electroswitch Arga 25-1000 Substation Battery Monitor

Electroswitch introduces its new Arga 25-1000 substation battery monitor. Standard features include:

  • Battery voltage monitoring and ground fault detection
  • Predictive corrosion/open-strap and open-cell detection with hardwired, digital (DNP 3.0/Modbus), and analog (I420) output alarms
  • Loss of ac-to-battery charger and ground fault location detection
  • A new dual-display identifying alarm conditions
  • New accessible front panel setup menu
  • Simplified calibration, setup, and alarm set-point change functionality

Stop in to Booth 611 to see the new Arga 25-1000.

Group CBS, Inc.



CBS ArcSafe presents a remote switch actuator (RSA) to safely operate the Eaton/Cutler Hammer Pow-R-Way Busway System Plug 100-200A. The RSA-224 is one of the newest actuators CBS ArcSafe has brought to market. While using the RSA-224, the user can remotely switch the bus plug from a safe distance outside the arc-flash boundary. The RSA-224 requires no modifications to the gear and is held in place by switchable magnets. Safety features such as built-in microswitches ensure over-travelling or excessive stress to the gear does not occur during operation.

Group CBS New Products



The CTVT-45 is a one-of-a-kind, two-in-one tester designed for testing both current and voltage transformers in the field or at the lab. Technicians can now use this user-friendly and lightweight test set to perform basic and routine maintenance testing to ensure the safety and continuous operation of instrument transformers to avoid costly and unexpected shutdowns.

Capable of testing knee voltages up to 45 kV and testing up to five taps on multi-tap CTs, the CTVT-45 can test a wide range of instrument transformers in protection and metering applications. It combines all-in-one testing with high accuracy and resolution to provide reliable and efficient equipment maintenance.

Haefely Hipotronics


OC60-DI Liquid Dielectric Tester

The Haefely Hipotronics OC60-DI Liquid Dielectric Tester accurately and reliably tests the dielectric strength of insulating liquids used in a wide variety of electrical apparatus. The rugged, lightweight, and portable design ensures years of safe and trouble-free operation both in the field and in the laboratory. This model is designed to meet testing specifications from all parts of the world with test cells available for ASTM and IEC standards. The OC60-DI offers the ability to use one of the preprogrammed rates of voltage rise or allows the operator to create their own tests using manual mode. The breakdown voltage is automatically stored and saved into internal memory or can be exported to a USB drive.

Hioki USA


Hioki PQ3100

The PQ3100 is a comprehensive but easy-to-use power quality analyzer for monitoring and recording power supply anomalies, allowing their causes to be quickly investigated, and also for assessing power supply problems such as swells, sags, voltage drops, inrush current, harmonics, and other electrical issues. It provides an intuitive Quick Set navigation system to simplify the wiring and configuration procedures for measuring a three-phase system. Connection mistakes are automatically detected along with suggestions on how to correct the setup. PQ One application software lets you analyze captured data in fine detail and create regular power quality management reports with ease and flexibility. Investigate the cause of power anomalies in the comfort of your office using your PC.

HV Technologies, Inc.



The new, multi-functional Protrac® allows precise pinpointing of cable and cable sheath faults. One particularly innovative Protrac® feature is its rapid and simple commissioning because the control unit, ground microphone, and headphones are wirelessly connected by Bluetooth®. An adaptive, ambient-noise suppression system filters ambient noise and provides a clear signal from the fault breakdown to the headphones or loudspeaker of the control unit. The capacitive color display with touch function guides the operator rapidly and efficiently to the fault with the aid of a 3D display of the cable position.



Scan Your Low-Voltage Busway Joints with Custom Solutions from IRISS

Working with one of our OEM partners, IRISS recently launched a series of busway joint covers that incorporate an IR viewing window and latching cover that allow for safe and easy thermal imaging. Specifically developed for the Eaton Pow-R-Way III® low-voltage busway system, these joint covers can be easily added to existing joints. Busway operation can be critical to your facility, and there is usually no redundant backup system in place. Performing regular IR inspections on the primary potential point of failure — the joint splice — can ensure you will detect and have the opportunity to correct deficiencies.

KoCos America



PROMET L100 is a compact, battery operated, high-precision measuring device for determining resistances in the μΩ to Ω range. With 20 VDC of compliance voltage, the PROMET L100 is able to meet the most stringent accuracy requirements. In addition to measuring contact and dynamic resistance in circuit breakers, the PROMET L100 can also measure inductive loads, and therefore can be used to determine the winding resistances of transformers, motors, and instrument transformers.

High functionality, rechargeable batteries, and a light weight of just 9.3 kg built into a hard shell case make the PROMET L100 ideal for field service use.




The Megger TTRU3 performs ratio tests on power, voltage, or current transformers. It uses the patent-pending step-up ratio test method, exciting all three phases at once. It is designed to be used in severe field conditions, guaranteeing ±0.05 percent turns ratio accuracy. Tests performed with the TTRU3 include true three-phase turns ratio, single-phase turns ratio, excitation current, polarity, phase angle deviation, magnetic balance, vector recognition, and phase shift.

Two interface options are included: a 7-inch onboard display (standard on all models) or USB for PC control. Vector configurations are displayed during test setup, providing assurance that correct setup has been selected before the test begins. PowerDB Lite software comes with the TTRU3.

Meister International LLC


Cycloaliphatic A20 Bus Insulators

Meister International LLC, a member of the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED), is pleased to introduce its complete line of cycloaliphatic A20 bus insulators for the switchgear industry. The cycloaliphatic A20 bus insulators are available for 5kv, 7.2kv, and 15kv applications and are in stock. Meister International will also feature a new line of cycloaliphatic feed-through bus supports used throughout the switchgear industry. Learn more at
www.meisterintl.com or give us a call at (513) 923-2712.

Monster Electrical


New Look and Updated Product Line

What’s new at Monster? A lot! We haven’t just updated our look — we are making things easier and offering more products in 2019. What you’ve known us for before is likely not the only thing you’ll use us for in the future. Join us for a quick overview of our new and future offerings that will help you be the hero to your customers and make doing business with us effortless and even faster.    

National Switchgear


TrainSafe Mini

At last year’s New Product Forum, National Switchgear presented its TrainSafe training simulators, developed by our PEARL-accredited breaker shop exclusively to match existing customer switchgear. This year, we’re presenting our latest development in that line: the TrainSafe Mini. The Mini features a compact design consisting of the breaker and cradle on a height-adjustable, weight-stabilized cart. Like the original TrainSafe, the Mini allows personnel to become familiar with the racking procedure in a safe, controlled environment and provides a functional spare. It’s a more portable and less expensive training option that is the perfect companion piece to a retrofit project. Come by the National Switchgear booth for a live demo.

NDB Technologies



Our vision has always been to create a phase identification system that exceeds any of today’s industry quality, safety, and efficiency requirements. SPI-III’s unique design consists of a wireless bi-module combo that is stunningly easy to configure and operate. With many advancements and innovations, SPI-III will be more helpful than ever before, enabling field applications such as identification of A-B-C electrical phases from all 50- and 60-Hz networks, switchgear phase concordance (matching), phase rotation, system paralleling, underground phasing applications, and more.

Ofil Ltd.


HD Corona Camera for UAV

DayCor® micROMHD is an innovative HD corona camera for sUAS, featuring ultralight weight, low power consumption, and interfaces to most common communication protocols. With its dual solar blind UV and visible light sensors, micROMHD is capable of detecting, imaging, recording, and storing corona events during daytime. The micROMHD provides an efficient means to pinpoint faults and investigate corona PD, in particular because it filters out noise and focuses on corona. With interfaces to GPS and temperature and humidity sensors, micROMHD is easy to integrate and comes with a set of commands that control all camera functions.

OMICRON Electronics Corp. USA



A portable, on-line, partial discharge measurement and temporary monitoring system, the MONTESTO 200 combines on-line partial discharge (PD) measurement and temporary monitoring functions into one portable solution. It can be used indoors and outdoors for insulation condition assessment on various medium- and high-voltage electrical assets under load.  MONTESTO 200 can be quickly and safely connected to a variety of permanently installed PD sensors via a terminal box while the asset is online to avoid unnecessary downtime. The user-friendly MONTESTO 200 software simplifies setup, data analysis, and reporting. Data from third-party sensors can be easily integrated for correlation with the PD data.

Phenix Technologies, Inc.


Model 660–10PA AC Hipot with Bluetooth Connectivity

Phenix Technologies’ new Model 660-10PA AC Hipot with Bluetooth connectivity allows the operator to remotely set up and execute a test via the available tablet and software. The center-tapped, high-voltage transformer develops 0–60 kV ac (0–30kV ac with respect to ground potential). The control section features a digital LCD display and offers manual control of high voltage, rate of rise, and fault reset. The two-piece unit is housed in a wheeled case and includes a safety foot switch with 10-foot cable.

Power Diagnostic Service


TR 300

The TR 300 is a true, three-phase transformer turns ratio tester designed to test all transformer types, including CTs, PTs, power transformers, and phase-shifting transformers. It performs turns ratio tests per the IEEE C57.12.90 measurement standard and has a measuring range of 0.8–50,000 to 1. It also measures the excitation current and phase angle. Selectable test voltages of 5, 50, 100, and 250 V are available for testing in electrically noisy environments. It features a full-sized QWERTY keypad, color display, built-in printer, and a battery that can provide 3 hours of operation.

Power Grid Engineering


Power Grid Engineering Webinar Series

Power Grid Engineering, LLC (PGE) is excited to offer a series of webinars with content that parallels our Power Systems seminar series. Each one-hour webinar provides attendees with a sneak peek into the content covered in our training seminars. Instructors showcase content from the full training that allows attendees to gather information and experience the instructional style of each presenter before attending the seminar. These online sessions offer an efficient way for attendees to learn from the convenience of their desks. 2019 webinars will be offered in February, March, May, June, July, and August.

ProgUSA – DV Power


CT/PT Test Set by Lithonix Power Inc.

ProgUSA will showcase the latest technology in the CT/PT test set by Lithonix Power Inc. of Florida. Performs ratio and polarity tests of current, potential, and power transformers.

  • High accuracy of 0.1 percent or better
  • Saturation test of current transformers
  • X1-X5 tap connections with fully automatic multi-tap test mode
  • AC phase angle and amplitude metering for load tests
  • Secondary injection test
  • Modern data interface and control over web or use with USB or just front panel control

Protec Equipment Resources


Protec Connect

Renting electrical test and measurement equipment just got a whole lot easier. With the Protec Connect mobile app from Protec Equipment Resources, the largest independent equipment rental fleet is at your fingertips. Protec Connect features a link to knowledgeable experts ready to help with your equipment needs. Easily find locations near you or contact us. Our 24/7 customer support is waiting for you. You’ll also find the latest news on the equipment you use every day and a hassle-free way to manage your Protec account anywhere, anytime.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.


SEL-FT50 and SEL-FR12 Fault Transmitter and Receiver System

Visit with SEL professionals in Booth 817 to learn about the SEL-FT50 and SEL-FR12 Fault Transmitter and Receiver System, which provides an innovative approach for speeding up distribution protection and improving selectivity. You will also hear about the latest developments from SEL that are making power systems all over the world safer, more reliable, and more economical. We look forward to seeing you at our booth!



Raptor Breaker Stabs

Reduce your breaker testing time by as much as 80 percent by not having to remove the molded case breakers from the panel. With the new Raptor breaker stabs, you can quickly and easily test molded case breakers in place without having to disassemble, test, and then reassemble. Comes in various sizes to fit almost any molded case breaker in the field. Available in standard copper or beryllium copper for long sustainability. See them and pick up a set at Booth 814

The Colt Group


Drill and Tap Seal Technique

The flapper flange is a common leak. These flanges typically have a grooved area for a gasket or O-ring to lie in. Colt’s repair procedure is to drill and tap several 1/16-inch NPT injection ports into the failed gasket/O-ring. S-22 sealant is then injected into the gasket area, the groove acts as a mold, and a new gasket is formed during the injection process. After injecting, the material is allowed to cure (1-2 hours) and the injectors are removed and Teflon-coated pipe plugs installed.  Another common leak is the packing. Colt uses its drill-and-tap technique to gain access into the packing-gland area for injection of our S-22 sealant.

Utility Relay Company


InfoPro-AC™ Software — New Features Available!

A new version of InfoPro-AC software for AC-PRO-II trip units is now available. This version adds time current curves, test result plotting, and more. This provides a means to document all breaker and test data by using one convenient software application. Test Reports can be saved electronically and printed. InfoPro-AC is free software for Windows PCs, specifically designed to simplify using AC-PRO-II trip units. In addition to its new features, InfoPro-AC offers the full capability to configure and access all AC-PRO-II information (settings, metering, waveforms, trip data, etc.) via the AC-PRO-II mini-USB port.

  • Download: www.utilityrelay.com/Side_Bar/Downloads.html
  • Additional info: www.utilityrelay.com/products/InfoPro.html

Weidmann Electrical Technology


Methanol in Oil Testing

The mechanical and insulating capabilities of solid and liquid materials are significant factors in determining the remaining operating life of a transformer. Maintaining electrical equipment using dissolved gas analysis (DGA), furanic compound testing (furans), and a combination of general liquid-quality tests provides valuable insight into its condition. To advance this assessment, new test methods have been developed and are in the process of receiving ASTM approval. This presentation introduces the new methanol and ethanol test and its use within a comprehensive insulation system assessment.