Optimization of Modern Power Systems

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As advancements in technology have driven the world over the past 20 years, the ability to protect and control our electrical infrastructure has advanced as well. By implementing advanced technologies and innovative solutions, the grid has undergone a significant transformation, accommodating the growing demands of an increasingly digital and interconnected world. The enhanced visibility and automation have improved grid resilience, reduced power outages, and optimized energy flow. Communication between smart devices on the grid is key to success in the optimization and reliability of the grid and power consumption.

In this edition of NETA World, we take a look at some of those advancements in technology and how they effectively streamline the process of reliability and secure operations. Our cover story, “Relay Testing in the Digital Substation,” offers a roadmap to using IEC 61850 to safely and effectively test relays and their interfaces with other components.

As the grid and other power systems continue to advance as a result of new technology, it will become just as important — if not more important — to conduct proper testing and commissioning of these systems to ensure that operation and protection occur as designed.

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Plan ahead and always put safety first!

Eric Beckman, PE, President
InterNational Electrical Testing Association