NFPA 70B–2023, Standard for Electrical Equipment Maintenance

Virginia Balitski, Magna IV EngineeringColumns, Tech Quiz, Winter 2023 Columns

The 2023 edition of NFPA 70B saw it converted from a recommended practice to the Standard for Electrical Equipment Maintenance. This NFPA 70B update will continue to work in conjunction with ANSI/NETA standards and other NFPA standards to provide details on power system maintenance to NETA companies and NETA technicians.  

1. Which option does NFPA 70B define as “a managed program of inspecting, testing, monitoring, analyzing, and servicing electrical systems and equipment with the purpose of maintaining safe operations and production by reducing or eliminating system interruptions and equipment failures?” 
a. Energy storage system
b. Electrical maintenance program 
c. Electrical safety program 
d. Power quality system

2. When determining the frequency of maintenance for electrical equipment, which option must be utilized?
a. Manufacturer’s recommendations 
b. Annual shutdown schedules 
c. Reconditioning guidelines 
d. National Electrical Code tables

3. Which of the following is an essential element of an electrical maintenance program (EMP)?
a. An emergency response procedure
b. A quality program
c. A load-flow study
d. An electrical safety program 

4. Electrical equipment that has discoloration, flaking of varnish coatings, delamination of materials, or melting of substances from within an insulating assembly is showing evidence of which of the following issues?
a. Heat damage 
b. Moisture ingress
c. Surface tracking
d. Extended service age 

5. According to NFPA 70B, 2023 Edition, which equipment physical condition designation would be assigned to the electrical equipment if urgent actions are identified from predictive techniques?
a. Equipment Physical Condition 1 
b. Equipment Physical Condition 2 
c. Equipment Physical Condition 3  
d. Equipment Physical Condition 4

6. In NFPA 70B, electrical equipment that poses an imminent risk of injury or negative health effects to personnel is designated as which of the following?
a. Nonconforming
b. Nonserviceable 
c. Physical Condition 1 
d. Listed and labeled 

7. Per NFPA 70B, which maintenance option describes the activities and actions that directly retain the proper operation of an item or restore that operation when it is interrupted by failure or some other anomaly?
a. Preventative maintenance  
b. Corrective maintenance 
c. Reliability-centered maintenance 
d. Condition-based maintenance  

Virginia Balitski, CET, Manager – Training and Development, has worked for Magna IV Engineering since 2006. Virginia started her career as a Field Service Technologist and achieved a NETA Level 4 Senior Technician certification. She has since dedicated her time to the advancement of training and safety in the electrical industry. She is a Certified Engineering Technologist through ASET – The Association of Science & Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta. Virginia is also the current Vice-Chair of CSA Z462, Workplace Electrical Safety, and is a member of the NFPA 70E, Electrical Safety in the Workplace Technical Committee. She is a member of the NETA Board of Directors and is involved with many NETA committees, as well as representing NETA on the ASTM F18 committee.