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Miro PQ45-1k Power Quality Logger and Analyzer
  • Measures up to 1,000 V ACRMS. Ideal for the renewable energy sector, where output voltages are typically higher than 600 V, e.g., typical wind turbine generator output is 690 V
  • The ideal instrument for all your power quality analysis, compliance checks, voltage investigations, and asset monitoring
  • One-touch auto-generation of reports, e.g., Loss of Transformer Life (LOL), EN50160, NEC220.87, IEEE 519 (subscriptions may apply)
  • Ideal for all weather applications (NEMA 4X)
  • Safety rating of CATIII 1,000 V (CATIV 600V)
  • Isolated voltage channels
  • Integrated remote communications and GPS, multiple protocols, e.g., MQTT, TCP/IP, FTP, DNP3


F8000 Power System Simulators

Doble Engineering Company is very excited to introduce you to our next generation F8000 Power System Simulators. These new instruments are built on a flexible, modular platform that supports digital, conventional, or hybrid protection testing. The F8000-series instruments are designed to meet the protection testing needs that you have today and to grow with you as your needs evolve.


UltraTEV Plus2 UHF Receiver and Directional Antenna

A new testing modality, UHF, is now available for the UltraTEV Plus2. Detection of UHF radio emissions from partial discharge sources allows detection that may be difficult with TEV and ultrasonic. Sources high on outside air-insulated gear or internal sources can be found at a great distance. The directional antenna allows the source to be easily located and corona ignored. Integration with the UTP2 means test results from TEV, ultrasound, cable, and UHF appear in one report. Spectrum, PRPD, and 3D PRPD displays provide more usable results than plain EMI scanning.


ISO 17025 Accredited High Voltage Calibrations —High Voltage Testing & High Current Testing

Exelon PowerLabs maintains the widest scope of accreditation of high-voltage calibration and testing in the Americas. We offer ISO 17025 accredited high-voltage, high-current, lightning impulse and partial discharge calibration difficult to source and able to perform these onsite at your facility minimizing production or operational downtime. Exelon PowerLabs combines over 100 years of calibration experience with world-class technology and are actively involved in high-voltage measurement and testing, participating as a member of IEEE and on subcommittees under High-Voltage Testing Techniques (HVTT).


CBA First Trip Data

All objects can be characterized by their response to physical stimuli. When struck by its clapper, a bell will ring with a certain fundamental frequency and numerous overtones. The frequencies of the fundamental and the overtones are determined by the size and geometry of the bell as well as the material from which it is made. Imperfections such as cracks will cause the bell to respond at different frequencies and/or different amplitudes. If the normal frequencies and amplitudes are known, the type, size, and location of an imperfection can be determined by the variances from normal response. This is the base science behind CBA.

This test method that is being used successfully for determining the mechanical condition of circuit breakers — including the capture of very important first trip data.


Vacuum Interrupter Conditioning

There are millions of medium-voltage vacuum interrupters in the world that have either hit their original expected mortality date or are past the mid-life expectation of service life.

Previously, there were no practical methods for field conditioning of vacuum interrupters to change the mortality curve of the device. But with advances in servicing technology through the advent of vacuum interrupter conditioning (VIC), we now have methods that can convert free gas molecules inside the envelope to solids such as oxides or carbides, thus extending the usable life of many vacuum interrupters.


HIPODirect Software App Solution

HIPODirect is HIPOTRONICS’ software app solution to wirelessly connect a mobile device to WiFi-direct capable HIPOTRONICS products. Once connected, the software can show product details, as well as view and download test reports. Once downloaded, the test reports can be easily shared in CSV format via e-mail or by uploading them to any cloud service. HIPODirect is also capable of downloading and installing the latest firmware available on any HIPOTRONICS products connected via the software app.


Handheld Test Sets and HD Corona Cameras/Drones

ProgUSA – DV Power gets portable and flies for corona! New handheld test sets as 300 A micro-ohmmeter you can use all day without recharge; 3-channel circuit breaker and coil timer with great PC software; and for 2022, a handheld combo WRT and TTR or just TTR or WRT — wowza, and all fit in the palm of a NETA tech’s hand. Most accurate and reliable SF6 3-in-1 analyser also on display. Latest products are HD corona cameras and USA-made drones to carry them.


New Additions for Customers

Protec Equipment Resources is excited to announce these important additions for our customers:

  • Loadbreak/Deadbreak Cable Testing Kits are now available for rent to help make your job safer, faster, more efficient and consistent.
  • Enervac GRU-7 SF6 Gas Recovery Units offer faster processing speed and more storage and recovery capacity than smaller hand-cart units.
  • With the addition of Houston and Anaheim, we now offer four Calibration Lab locations!
  • Tom Sandri is back at Protec as Director of Technical Services! Protec will offer new training, webinars, and consulting services for 2022. Register for our monthly 3rd Thursday webinar series hosted by Tom.


AC-PRO-NW® Trip Unit Modernization Kit

Utility Relay Company is proud to introduce AC-PRO-NW®, our trip unit modernization kit for the Schneider MasterPact NW family of LV circuit breakers. All of the features you’ve come to depend on in AC-PRO-II® will now be available as a MicroLogic upgrade