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Emerging technologies continually alter the way electrical testing is performed in the field. New technology can vary from more efficient ways to perform long-standing test routines to introducing a new test technology and just about everything in between. This issue’s authors share their knowledge of recent developments in the field of electrical testing.

Fall is typically one of the busiest times of the year. Customers are performing scheduled maintenance outages, and work days can be longer as well as more stressful than normal. To make the work environment safer for all, we must constantly evaluate and mitigate exposures to risk. When working with new technology, a technician must have all of the documentation and a clear understanding of how the technology interfaces with the device under test. Review the safety precautions needed to operate the equipment or device and ensure all recommended safety precautions are followed.

Mark your calendar for PowerTest 2020 on February 24–28, 2020, in one of the world’s most dynamic and popular cities: Chicago — at the Hyatt Regency. The PowerTest Conference Committee and the members of our local organizing committee have already met on-site, and I can tell you the venue and programs for PowerTest 2020 are sure to be outstanding.

On a sad note, the testing community lost John Moore — one of the original organizers of the National Electrical Testing Association (NETA) — in February. We remember John and thank him for his vision, commitment, and service to our industry as we pay tribute to him in this issue.

I look forward to being your President for the next two years as I follow the path set by my predecessors. I thank Jim Cialdea for the great job he has done. NETA’s dedicated staff, board of directors, volunteers, and members all working together will ensure NETA continues to be the leader in the electrical testing industry.

Coach safe behavior…Living injury free every day!

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