NETA Engages Approved Military Organizations

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Dan Hook Presents to Alpha Co. at Schofield Barracks in January 2023

The NETA Approved Military Organization (NAMO) classification was born out of the recognition that the United States military is a strong proponent of the NETA philosophy and shares the ideology that adhering to voluntary standards, certification of technicians, and continuing education is paramount to the successful completion of their mission. Military members can obtain certification through NETA’s unique NAMO Program.

Ken Morton Presenting at U.S. Prime Power School Graduation at Fort Leonard Wood in December 2023

As part of this program, NETA visits each company and continues to engage with the military personnel to promote continuing education and NETA certification. NETA’s NAMO Advisory Committee members perform in-person presentations and training for the companies. 

Ken Bassett Presents Level 2 Challenge Coins to Charlie Co./HHC Soldiers at Fort Belvoir in November 2023. L-R: Eric Halvorson, Michael Labeit, Ken Bassett, Keith Quevedo, Jakenya Hill, Corey Sullivan

Currently, NAMO includes the 249th Army Engineer Battalion, U.S. Navy Seabees Mobile Utilities Support Equipment (MUSE), and the recently approved U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Power Reliability Enhancement Program (PREP). Committee members also present NAMO Level 1 certificates and NETA standards to those graduating from the U.S. Prime Power School. 

Level 2 Challenge Coins Awarded to Bravo Co. Soldiers. L-R: Amy Williams, Ron Widup, Roy Adkins, Mathew Walker, Jeremy King, Jose Pereira, Mose Ramieh III

Volunteer committee members who performed visits on behalf of NETA in 2023 included:

  • Dan Hook, CBS Field Services and NAMO Board of Directors and NAMO Advisory Committee Chair 
  • Ken Bassett, Potomac Testing and NETA Board of Directors
  • Ron Widup, Shermco Industries and NETA Board of Directors 
  • Mose Ramieh III, CBS Field Services and NAMO Committee member
  • Ken Morton, Electric Power Systems and NAMO Committee member
  • Amy Williams, NETA Director of Membership
Ron Widup and Mose Ramieh III Present to Bravo Co. at Fort Liberty in December 2023

NAMO Technicians have access to a library of resources that includes the NETA practice exam, NETA standards, and NETA training courses to support their exam preparation and certification process. Interested military organizations that perform electrical testing and maintenance can contact the NETA office at for more information. 

Matt Wallace Provides Power Factor & Sweep Frequency Training to MUSE at Port Hueneme in November 2023