VISTAM, Inc. Recognized as New NETA Accredited Company

NETA World StaffNETA News, Spring 2022 NETA News

VISTAM, Inc. is very proud to announce that it is now a NETA Accredited Company. We share the association’s dedication to quality, safe work practices, and standards for the betterment of the industry. We look forward toward a bright future by striving for continued excellence and expanding our electrical expertise in maintenance and testing of electrical power distribution systems.

VISTAM, Inc. is a licensed C-10 electrical contractor. Established in 1992, our mission is to provide quality electrical solutions through safe, precise, state-of-the art equipment handled by highly qualified, certified, and competent personnel. For 30 years, VISTAM, Inc. has met and exceeded the expectations of its clients. We take the extra step to go beyond and help our clients improve their projects.

VISTAM, Inc., located in Signal Hill, California, was founded by former Westinghouse Engineer Art Tamayo, who brought the culture, passion, experience, and the quality of work to the company and its employees. Our crew is composed of knowledgeable engineers, with skilled and experienced field service technicians. We present professional, safe, credible, and compliant maintenance and acceptance testing based on NETA standards in addition to manufacturers’ requirements and other provisions all around California.

VISTAM, Inc. began by providing electrical routine services to oil refineries in LA County. As the company grew, we carried the strict safety protocols from the refineries to other fields. Today, we provide services to oil pipelines, healthcare, data centers, state hospital, water sanitation districts, and state prisons.

“VISTAM, Inc. looks forward to providing quality services to the industry as a NETA Accredited Company.” says owner Art Tamayo. “Back in my Westinghouse days, each manufacturer had their own standards and practices. It is good to see that we now have standardized electrical testing through NETA. This benefits both our clients and the electrical testing field as a whole. Ulyses Tamayo, PE, adds, “Becoming a NAC will open new doors for us. Many large firms have already embraced the NETA Standards, and we are excited to provide the same standards to new customers that have not yet adopted NETA.”

“NETA welcomes VISTAM, Inc. as its newest NETA Accredited Company,” says Eric Beckman, PE, President of National Field Services, Inc. and current NETA President. “NETA’s Accredited Companies are the backbone of the organization because they work to assure electrical power systems are as safe as possible. It is a respected achievement because our industry understands what’s involved in reaching this level of performance.”