NFPA 70B Committee Report

David Huffman, Power Systems Testing CompanySpecifications & Standards, Summer 2020 Specifications & Standards

The NFPA 70B committee continues to update the existing guide to a standard. They meet every other Friday for a two-hour conference call to make progress on various chapters. The chapter numbers have changed to improve the flow of the document and make it easier to follow.

The progress has  been a bit slow, and now that issue has been worsened by COVID-19. The meeting originally scheduled for late March has been rescheduled for mid-August. The conference calls every other Friday resume on April 17. At this time, a definitive publication date has not been set.

David Huffman has been with Power Systems Testing, a NETA Accredited Company, since January 1988 and is currently CEO. He graduated from California State University, Fresno, and is a licensed Professional Electrical Engineer in the state of California as well as a NETA Level IV Certified Technician. David is a NETA board member, NETA’s Principal Representative to the NFPA 70B Committee, and serves as a member of various NETA committees.