NAMO Visits Promote NETA Certification in the Military 

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NETA Presentation by Amy Williams at Fort Belvoir

NETA Approved Military Organization (NAMO) is a membership classification designed to serve military organizations whose missions align with NETA’s mission. Military personnel are provided with a qualification framework and a professional development path to obtain certification in accordance with nationally recognized industry standards.  

NETA’s NAMO Advisory Committee members, along with support from NETA staff, perform face-to-face visits with companies in the NAMO program. The visits promote personal engagement to support the training and education offered for the certification. Challenge coins are presented to NAMO technicians who certify at Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 to enhance this achievement. 

In 2022, six committee members made presentations to the 249th Army Engineer Battalion and U.S. Navy Seabees Mobile Utilities Support Equipment (MUSE):

  • Dan Hook, CBS Field Services and NAMO Committee Chair 
  • Ken Bassett, Potomac Testing and NETA Board of Directors
  • Dave Kreger, Premier Power Maintenance Corp.
  • Earl Wilcox, Henderson Building Solutions and Standard Alliance Partner
  • Melissa Richard, NETA Executive Director
  • Amy Williams, NETA Director of Membership

NETA continues outreach to other areas of the military that perform electrical testing. Interested military branches can contact the NETA office at for more information on the NAMO program. 

Dan Hook Visits Alpha Company in Hawaii to Explain the NETA Certification Program
Dave Kreger and Earl Wilcox Present to U.S. Prime Power School Graduates
Ken Bassett Presents Level 2 Challenge Coin to Sgt. Barninger of Charlie Company
Charles Sweetser of OMICRON Provides Training to MUSE