BCS Switchgear Joins NETA as Corporate Alliance Partner

NETA World StaffFall 2023 NETA News, NETA News

Founded in 1998, BCS Switchgear is an industry leader in new and obsolete electrical control and distribution equipment. The company’s mission is to extend the electrical life of their customers’ electrical power equipment by providing high-quality remanufactured medium- and low-voltage switchgear, circuit breakers, motor control centers, and contactor/starters to the power generation and industrial manufacturing industries. 

As one of the largest stocking distributors of discontinued or obsolete equipment in the South Central United States, BCS can match existing equipment and provide control upgrades for all types and manufacturers. All remanufactured equipment is covered by a 1-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, and 24-hour emergency support is available. BCS even makes it possible for its customers to make money off their surplus circuit breakers by offering fair compensation for all types of surplus switchgear-related products. 

The folks at BCS are passionate about switchgear and circuit breakers. Company President and Sales Manager Cody Whisenhunt, who started BCS in 1998, has been in the switchgear business since 1987. Buddy Wilson and a crew of breaker technicians round out the company’s team of highly skilled professionals who are eager to serve you. 

Bill Hill and his team in the Switchgear Department have added to BCS with a 20,000-sq-ft switchgear shop to accommodate the demands for fully reconditioned switchgear lineups. From a simple load break switch to a full, standalone 15 kv lineup, we can accommodate just about any need in the industry. “We are always helping our customers sustain their existing line-up by upgrading active components matching current technologies,” Hill says. “Retrofitting and reconditioning switchgear can extend the life expectancy of current assets up to 30 years, and the service is straightforward with shorter lead times.”

“BCS Switchgear looks forward to participating in NETA as a Corporate Alliance Partner as we continue to grow,” says President Cody Whisenhunt. “We are excited to help grow the industry by working with our customers who already understand NETA and demonstrating NETA’s value to those who are not familiar with our industry.”

BCS does more than just sell circuit breakers, and with its 100,000+ sq ft of inventory, BCS can offer a solution to just about any problem. BCS offers switchgear and circuit breaker service for electrical systems dating back to the 1940s, and has locations in Texas and Virginia, while its service area spans the entire country.

“NETA recognizes the work its Corporate Alliance Partners (CAPs) do for NETA companies and for the industry,” says Eric Beckman, PE, President of National Field Services, Inc. and current NETA President. “Our CAPs are industry-leading companies that have joined forces with NETA to work together toward the common aim of improving quality, safety, and reliability. We are pleased to welcome BCS Switchgear’s contribution to making NETA a stronger organization.” 

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