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SF6—The Alternative Gas

SF6—The Alternative Gas

With the ever-growing challenges of federal and local reporting and SF6 emission reduction, several alternatives have been presented to the ...

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High-Power Batteries as Power Source with Dynamic Resistance Measurement and Both Sides Grounded

Electrical arc phenomena have been studied for a long time. It is an inevitable process that occurs during interruption of high electrical currents (e.g., during a short circuit current interruption). The effects of the electrical arc on the circuit breaker ...

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Group CBS: Evolve and Change—or Decay

NETA Corporate Alliance Partners (CAPs) are industry-leading companies that have joined forces with NETA to work together toward a common ...

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ASTM F18 Committee Report

The ASTM Committee has purview over all protective electrical equipment, including arc flash suits, arc-rated clothing, rubber insulated gloves, insulated tools, and grounds. They do not specify how they are to be used, but specify how they are to be ...

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