The Impact of Electric Vehicles on the Electrical Testing Industry

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Hopefully, everyone had a safe and enjoyable summer. I know I’m looking forward to cooler temperatures as it’s been a very hot summer across the South.

As the world starts to adapt and the production and use of electric vehicles increases, the impact on the electrical infrastructure is drastic. Charging stations, load demand, and power-grid impact and maintenance requirements are just a few of the obstacles to overcome outside the production of these vehicles.

In this edition of NETA World, we focus on electrical vehicle charging in the United States, EV chargers and their impact on the power grid, and what the EV charging infrastructure will look like as it’s built out.

It’s been made clear that the U.S. plans to develop the nationwide infrastructure for charging electric vehicles. Many lofty goals have been put out there to achieve all electric vehicles by certain dates. This means a lot of work for the electrical industry. With all those EV charging stations placing additional load on the grid, the need for electrical system construction, commissioning, and testing will be extremely high.

Utility substations and transmission and distribution line construction will be necessary to properly distribute the increased demand for power, thereby increasing the need for third-party electrical testing to ensure a safe and reliable system. Good news for the electrical testing industry!

As the increased construction of charging stations gets underway, we must focus on the importance of ensuring they are properly installed, commissioned, and certified to be safely energized. This also means we must be aware of the standards and new technologies that might be associated with bringing these types of systems online.

Enjoy the fall season and make sure to mark your calendar for March 8–12 for PowerTest 2023 in Orlando, Florida, at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort.

Plan ahead and always put safety first!

Eric Beckman, PE, President
InterNational Electrical Testing Association