Protec Equipment Resources: Large Enough to Serve Your Needs, Small Enough to Care

NETA World StaffCorporate Alliance Corner, Fall 2019 CAP Corner

NETA Corporate Alliance Partners (CAPs) are a group of industry-leading companies that have joined forces with NETA to work together toward a common aim: improving quality, safety, and electrical system reliability.

In our CAP Spotlight series, we look at what makes CAPs special and highlight some of their successes. In this issue, NETA World interviews Cody Richards, Protec’s Vice President of Business Development.

Protec, specialists in the electrical testing equipment rental industry, offers a large, nationwide rental fleet of electrical test and measurement equipment. A leader in the industry for over 15 years, Protec understands that their customers need experienced people to align them with the proper equipment, getting it to the right place at the right time. With Protec’s multiple locations (Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, Reno-Tahoe and Northern New Jersey) stocked with inventory, all shipping options are always considered to save customers the most time and money. And with electrical testing application support from a team that works hard to get to know a customer’s special requirements, Protec is a company that prides itself on doing what it takes to help get the job done right.  

NW:  What is something NETA World readers don’t know about Protec?

Richards: Protec Equipment Resources doesn’t just rent electrical test equipment. We have two calibration labs, and we have recently launched an Asset Management program. If you need equipment calibrated with a quick turnaround or need assistance with the day-to-day grind of owning a large fleet, Protec is here to help in a wide variety of ways.

NW: What recent company achievement or milestone are you particularly proud of?

Richards: We recently launched our customer portal ( and an app, Protec Connect. Both offer our customers a smart new way to rent the electrical test and measurement equipment they need. It puts a nationwide equipment rental fleet at their fingertips.

NW: What evolution do you see on the horizon that will have a positive impact on your work?

Richards: The automobile industry — as it evolves into a more electric dependent business — and the forthcoming 5G network technology will have extensive positive impacts on our industry.

NW:  What challenges do you see going forward for the industry?

Richards: We believe the challenges we face will remain the same. With immense industry growth, there is always a large hole to be filled when someone with a great deal of knowledge and experience retires or steps away from the industry. This results in an ever-expanding need for people to fill those roles and also the need to find people who have the knowledge and flexibility to perform a broader range of testing. Thus, emphasizing a need for not only people to perform the work, but the need to train those who don’t yet have the knowledge and experience to be able to perform this work in the future.