PowerTest 2020: New Product Forum

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A–Rent Test Equipment



A-Rent is a new provider of electrical test equipment rental started in 2019. Our multi-million-dollar fleet is the youngest in the industry. We offer typical short-term and long-term rentals, plus we’re launching an innovative new service called SmartFleet. SmartFleet combines the convenience and flexibility of rental with the tax and financial benefits of owning equipment. Talk with us about SmartFleet and learn how to access a large, shared fleet of equipment while still getting the benefit of equipment depreciation expense to maximize your EBITDA.

AEMC Instruments


AEMC® Introduces Ten NEW Simple Logger® Data Loggers

AEMC’s data loggers are small, single-channel recording devices powered by two AA batteries or through an USB port. These loggers can be ready to go in minutes with just a few parameters to set up. Models are available for logging AC voltage, DC voltage, DC current, temperature, pulse, and events. Application software is included with the unit. Scaling units of measure and recording length can be set through the software. Real-time graphs can be displayed and downloaded data can be analyzed, and reports printed. The main advantage of the logger is its ability to begin recording with a simple, one-button operation. The front panel LED alerts the operator of the logger’s status.

AVO Training Institute, Inc.


Updated Training Experiences

While the 57-year history of AVO Training Institute is impressive, the future holds amazing opportunities of progression for AVO’s electrical safety and maintenance training programs. With the purchase of a larger headquarters facility in Dallas by our parent company, Megger, we are taking this opportunity to improve the overall experience for our students. AVO Training is researching more interactive classrooms and modern training facilities to vastly improve our capabilities and our students’ experience within our Dallas facility. We also plan to update lab equipment and bring our lab/hands-on experience up-to-date in order to be directly relatable for technicians returning to work.

With strategic partners such as Circuit Breaker Sales (CBS), AVO Training has added an additional learning center outside of Chicago with plans for another in Florida. These training facilities hosted through CBS give AVO Training access to the most current as well as older equipment for students to view and interact with.

Since 1963, AVO Training Institute has been dedicated to providing electrical trades workers with an unforgettable learning experience. For the coming years, we will continuously improve to uphold our mission and goals for our students.

BRAH Electric Manufacturing


BRV, BUV, and BIP Products for Universal Bus Plugs

BRAH Electric has developed three new product families to complement the universal bus plug line. BRAH is the exclusive manufacturer of direct replacement bus plugs, designed with a modular rear assembly and adaptation kits allowing for direct fit and function with all major brands of OEM industrial busway. New families include BRV (installs into Siemens XL-X busway), BUV (installs into Siemens XL-Universal busway), and BIP (installs into Cutler Hammer POW-R-WAY I & II). Each line features optional integration of wireless power monitoring and BRAH’s three-phase switch with patented technology.

The universal bus plug line by BRAH is being utilized among numerous industries across North America.

CE Power Engineered Services


Life Extension Department Expansion

CE Power has expanded its Life Extension Department and is working to preserve existing equipment in the power grid. CE Power’s life extension team provides partial or complete repair on LV or MV breakers, as well as on-site switchgear upgrade services. Our breaker shop is a PEARL certified organization with over 80 years of experience working with large electrical apparatus. Certified NETA Technicians and Professional Engineers ensure that your life extension project works to your scope, budget, and timeline.

DV Power


Handheld Test Sets

ProgUSA—DV Power gets portable! New handheld test sets  300A micro-ohmmeter you can use all day without re-charge; three-channel circuit breaker and coil timer with great PC software; battery Ohmic tester under $2.5K; and for 2020, a handheld, combo WRT and TTR, and all fit in the palm of a NETA Tech’s hand. Most accurate and reliable SF₆ 3-in-1 analyser is also on display.



Portable Battery Monitor

Monitor your substation battery system using the new Electroswitch portable battery monitor.  The unit monitors station battery voltage and provides alarms for high/low voltage, positive and negative ground faults, corrosion, and open cell detection. An optional handheld unit used with the monitor’s internal pulse generator provides an assist in locating ground faults. The battery monitor is powered directly by the DC battery system and packaged in a rugged case, making it ideal for field use. Its standard DNP communication output allows the unit to be left on site for long-term monitoring when required.

High Voltage, Inc.


Parallel Resonant AC Test Sets

High Voltage, Inc. is known for high-quality, easy-to-use, portable field-test equipment. We are happy to announce the expansion of our product line to include much larger models to be used in a factory or mounted on a utility trailer. Our PAR (parallel AC resonant) line of ac dielectric testers is designed to allow power frequency testing of power factor capacitors, bushings, instrument transformers, rotating machinery, transformers, power cables, shunt reactors, and other electrical apparatus. AC resonant technology (a tuneable core reactor) allows testing loads that require up to 250 kVA with an input of only 20 kVA.

Hipotronics, Inc.


700- DI Series of AC Dielectric Test Systems

The HIPOTRONICS 700-DI Series of AC dielectric test systems are designed to perform high-voltage AC dielectric tests on electrical apparatus in accordance with IEC60, IEEE 4, IEC 270, and other national test standards. AC dielectric test sets are available in a wide range of voltage and power ratings with exceptional reliability, durability, and functionality. The new user interface is modern, fast, and easy to use. The 700-DI is also simple to integrate into existing testing facilities. No matter what your requirements are, HIPOTRONICS has a modern, affordably priced, and highly reliable test solution to meet your needs.

HV Technologies, Inc.


Portable Partial Discharge Detector (PPDD)

The PPDD allows for quick testing and evaluation of switchgear, cables, and other HV equipment with integrated transient earth voltages (TEV) and non-contact ultrasonic (AA) sensors. The handheld detector is also equipped with a BNC interface to connect an external HFCT sensor for PD testing of cables. A large integrated LCD display shows the real-time measurement results as a function of amplitude, pulse number, severity, phase-resolved PD pattern, and phase-resolved pulse sequence. Waveform recording can be activated automatically or manually with the ability to save onto a flash drive and export the results via USB or WIFI connection.

intellirent, a division of ElectroRent


Photovoltaic Installation Test Equipment

Intellirent, a division of Electrorent, introduces an additional inventory of test equipment to meet the requirements at photovoltaic installations. With the onset of IEEE 1547 2018, PV installations throughout distribution systems are becoming more and more prevalent. The National Electrical Code’s (NEC) NFPA 70 governs the requirements for most non-utility electrical installations in the United States, including solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. When adopted into the building codes by states or local jurisdictions, the NEC becomes the basis for inspections and approvals of electrical installations. Come check out our latest inventory of available testing products required to meet these needs.

Maddox Industrial Transformers


2020 Facility Expansions

Maddox Industrial Transformer has been recognized as an Inc 500 Company for expansive growth over the past five years and is announcing two new facility expansion projects in 2020.




In mid-2019, Megger acquired Power Diagnostix (PDIX) of Aachen, Germany, a leader in the development and manufacturing of partial discharge detection equipment, offering diagnostic services for high voltage installations.

The ICMsystem is PDIX’s high-end solution for performing partial discharge measurements in various applications with the highest level of modularity and versatility. Measurements can be taken from various types of sensors and in combination with a broad range of frequency selective preamplifiers and signal converters. The strength of this technology is its adaptability and capability to perform in-depth analysis of partial discharge activity detected in high-voltage apparatus.

NDB Technologies


PD-LT, PD Annunciator, and ART-3D

PD-LT is a partial discharge tester designed to detect insulation deterioration in overhead equipment. The wireless display offers PD readings and trending for easy reporting.     

PD Annunciator is a low-cost, multichannel, PD alarm/monitoring system that can be set up as a local PD alarm triggering output contacts or integrated in monitoring platforms by connecting to Scada via modbus or alternatively set up as a PD data logger when paired with a compatible modbus logger.

ART-3D is a real three-phase ratio tester with added vector group detection, auto cable check features, and 1V test output for CT testing.

OMICRON electronics Corp. USA


Station Scout Commission Testing for SCADA Communication of IEC 61850 & New Updates PTM Update

IEC 61850: New Station Scout Commission Testing for SCADA Communication of IEC 61850 tests the SCADA communication through the SCL file.

TESTRANO Smart Campaign/ ROTM Testing: New Updates PTM Update. One button starts all transformer testing and rotating machinery testing workflow in PTM.

Phenix Technologies, Inc.


Automated Touch Screen Controls

Automated touch screen controls are now available on Phenix Technologies’ line of portable field testing equipment. The B-series controls feature a rich, high-resolution, touch-screen operating display, high accuracy, auto-ranging meters, automated operation, and data acquisition. Visit Phenix Technologies at Booth 342 to discuss your high-voltage, high-current, and high-power testing requirements

Power Grid Engineering


Pillars of Business

Power Grid Engineering, LLC (PGE) promotes a human performance culture where people are encouraged to do the right thing, share lessons learned when unexpected results occur, and thrive in an environment with opportunities for improvement. To assess the health and effectiveness of our human performance culture, we’ve established four core areas of focus, also known as pillars of our business. These pillars include leadership, management and accountability (LMA); employee training and qualifications; systems and tools; and core processes.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.


SEL-T401L Ultra-High-Speed Line Relay

Visit with SEL professionals in Booth 415 to learn about the soon-to-release SEL-T401L ultra-high-speed line relay that combines fast time-domain protection with dependable phasor-based protection. Additionally, you can hear about the latest developments from SEL that are making power systems all over the world safer, more reliable, and more economical. We look forward to seeing you at our booth!



Three-Phase Timer, 200A Prime 600, and Relay Test Set

SMC has three new products on deck for 2020 — two requested by our valued end users.

Bridging the gap between our single-phase timer and CB analyzer, we’re releasing a three-phase timer that is simple and efficient without all the added extras!

Next is a 200A version of our popular Prime 600.

Saving the best for last is our new relay test set. SMC introduces power and flexibility in a whole new way! Go beyond laptops into notebooks and smartphones to control locally or across the nation with full control for automated or manual testing.

Utility Relay Company


Sluggish Breaker® by URC

Be confident that your circuit breaker is operating as intended with Sluggish Breaker® by URC.  Compatible with AC-PRO-II®, AC-PRO-MP®, AC-PRO-MP-II®, and SAFE-T-TRIP®, the patented Sluggish Breaker® feature captures the breaker mechanism time and lets you know if it is opening slower than intended, indicating that servicing may be required. The breaker mechanism time is accurately measured and recorded using either the zero-current method or newly installed limit switches. A warning message will be displayed if the opening time is slow, and you can even trigger an alarm relay if so desired. With so much depending on proper breaker operation, be sure to operate safely and efficiently with Sluggish Breaker®.

WEIDMANN Electrical Technology


InsuLogix® RFM

The Weidmann InsuLogix® brand of transformer monitoring products provides cost-effective integrated solutions for delivering actionable information. The newest InsuLogix® RFM is a retrofittable fault detector for distribution transformers.

• Provides clear visual indication of internal failure

• Installs easily

• Withstands vibration for improved reliability

• Calibrated for low- or high-energy arcs

• Fire mitigation tool in wooded areas

• Improves crew safety

When combined with InsuLogix® DTM, the RFM can transmit failure information remotely. Recognizing and reporting failures reduces service restoration time and cost, improves operational safety, and reduces the risk of collateral damage associated with tank rupture.