Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient Known for Getting the Job Done

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There is a common, and often used, phrase around Tony Demaria Electric (TDE): “Call Neno.”

TDE’s Tony Demaria, Jr. says he doesn’t want to imagine the business without Nenad “Neno” Pasic. “He solves everyone’s problems. It is well known, any time there is a problem, we say ‘Call Neno!’” Demaria says. “Neno is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. He is indispensable.”

While that mantra is not yet ubiquitous around NETA, Neno’s work for the Association on various committees and programs is being recognized in another way: He received NETA’s Outstanding Achievement Award at PowerTest 2021.

Scott Blizard, President of the NETA Board of Directors, says selecting Neno for the award was a true pleasure. “The recipient of the award reflects hard work, dedication, and commitment to upholding the values of NETA,” Blizard says. “I have seen Neno’s growth and participation within the organization and can say without a doubt that he is a valued asset to NETA.”

Noting that Neno was instrumental in the creation of NETA marketing videos on the Doodly platform, Blizard says he admires and praises Neno’s work ethic. “Neno is the consummate team player. He has yet to complain when assigned tasks; he takes the bull by the horns, gets the work done, and is ready for the next task,” Blizard says.

What Neno was not ready for was hearing his name in connection with the award. “When Tony Demaria insisted I come to work that day and I found him on a Zoom call with Missy Richard and Scott Blizard, I was excited because I thought Tony was getting the award,” Neno says. “When Missy said my name, I got goosebumps and started sweating. Although I have learned a lot about electrical work by supporting our technicians and managers, I don’t have any electrical schooling, certifications, or experience, so I was humbled and honored, but I’m still in disbelief.”

Among his contributions to various committees and projects, people are quick to credit Neno’s work implementing and guiding the new Electrical Technology High-Voltage Technician curriculum at  Long Beach City College (LBCC).

LBCC Career Technical Education Night (left to right) supported by Ken Peterson, Bob Sheppard, Neno Pasic, and Erfan Bamdad

“The first few students will graduate this year, so our vision is to expand to other schools and online. The program immerses students in NETA, and the program’s goal is to help them find jobs at NETA Accredited Companies,” Neno says. “A new wave of well-trained workers will certainly benefit NETA companies at a time when many industry veterans are nearing retirement. That is why I am very proud I was part of a team with NETA Training Committee Chair Bob Sheppard that was able to implement the program.”

Sheppard, Director of Sales and Marketing for Premier Power Maintenance, says the LBCC program would not be the success it is without Neno’s involvement. “He wants the program to be successful for TDE, for NETA, and for the industry as well as for the students. He has worked exceptionally hard at finding teachers for the program,” Sheppard says. “Neno is the most engaged, reliable, and approachable person I know. He jumps on every opportunity to help. No matter what the issue, he wants to see if he can help make it better.”

Sheppard says Neno has been involved with NETA from the beginning of his career because he always stepped up to help Tony Demaria on every project. “He is at the forefront of any project, in the trenches talking to everyone, anticipating problems, reporting back, and finding solutions. He’s passionate about everything and stays with it until it’s 110% successful, and because he’s not an electrical person, he brings a unique perspective and has a way of noticing things you wouldn’t think of,” he adds.

Tony Demaria and his wife, Roz, count themselves among Neno’s “American family,” and consider it an honor to know him. The Demarias say Neno’s drive to help others is matched perhaps only by his desire to learn more — so he can help even more.

“He received many IT certifications and attended college during evenings and weekends to achieve his bachelor’s degree,” Demaria says. “On top of these achievements, no person I know has attended as many webinars, seminars, and conferences as Neno.”

Neno gives his mother Živka and grandparents Ljubica and Edvard credit for his success. “They raised me to be who I am today. My mother raised me as a single parent and carried all the burdens and sacrifices to start me on the right path in life. It was a difficult time especially in the 90s during the Croatian War of Independence when I was a teenager.”

Having the opportunity to work at TDE  was a case of being at the right place at the right time, Neno says. “Shortly after I arrived from Croatia, I moved to Long Beach, California, and was fortunate to be invited by a cousin to attend Tony Demaria Sr.’s birthday party. The Demaria family is from the same area in Croatia, so we had an immediate bond. I was so grateful to be asked to come work for Tony, and TDE is my first and only job.”

Neno became the NETA Accredited Representative for Tony Demaria Electric in 2014, but even before that, he was deeply involved in many aspects of the Association after TDE became a NETA Accredited Company in 2004. “Now I’m on NETA’s Promotion & Marketing and Training committees, and when PowerTest is held in our area, I’m on the Local Organizing Committee,” he says. Our goal is to always bring more people to the conference.

True to the nature that helped earn him the Outstanding Achievement Award, Neno doesn’t intend to slow down anytime soon. “My original and main line of work is information technology-related, but working in the electrical industry logically extended to supporting the technical hardware and software solutions that are used in the industry,” Neno says. “Now I’m part of senior management and Secretary of TDE’s Board of Directors, so I have an in-depth view of the business and the industry. I wear many hats and am always learning something new, which I love. I believe strongly in the saying, ‘Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.’”

“Neno is the most engaged, reliable, and approachable person I know. He jumps on every opportunity to help. No matter what the issue, he wants to see if he can help make it better.” –Bob Sheppard, Director of Sales and Marketing, Premier Power Maintenance and  NETA Training Committee Chair


Neno is a NETA Accredited Representative and the IT Manager for Tony Demaria Electric (TDE). He has worked for TDE for almost 20 years.

He is a member of the NETA Training Committee and NETA Promotions & Marketing Committee and is also a member of IEEE and NFPA. Neno earned an AS in computer business information systems and networking from Long Beach City College and a BS in computer information systems and business administration from California State University Dominguez Hills. He also holds certificates in project management and information technology management from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Neno was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He grew up in Split, Croatia, and found his new home in the United States in 2003. Following his passion for traveling and discovering the world, he has visited 46 countries — many more than once — and traveled throughout most of the United States.