NFPA 70B Committee Report

David Huffman, Power Systems Testing CompanyFall 2020 Specifications & Standards, Specifications & Standards

The NFPA 70B committee has continued to meet every two weeks via conference and video calls. We are working on revamping chapters to make it into a standard, and while progress is sometimes slow, we appear to be on track for a First Draft for public comment sooner rather than later.

With the continued issue of COVID-19, our tentative in-person meeting scheduled for August 10–13, 2020, has been canceled. In fact, NFPA has canceled all in-person meetings for 2020.  We remain hopeful to have an in-person meeting after the first of the year.

David Huffman has been with Power Systems Testing, a NETA Accredited Company, since January 1988 and is currently CEO. He graduated from California State University, Fresno, and is a licensed Professional Electrical Engineer in the state of California as well as a NETA Level IV Certified Technician. David is a NETA board member, NETA’s Principal Representative to the NFPA 70B Committee, and serves as a member of various NETA committees.