NETA Welcomes New Accredited Company — Electro Test

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Electro Test LLC was founded in 2018 when Brad Helminen decided there were enough opportunities and an open market for NETA testing in Oahu and the surrounding Hawaiian Islands. Younger brother Jared decided he would also try his hand at running a business, and he and his family followed Brad to the North Shore of Oahu to start the new testing company.

Brad and Jared were immediately involved in several projects that required NETA Certified Technicians and engineers because the complexity of some control systems was beyond the skill level of most electricians living in Hawaii. Jared and Brad built a reputation at several facilities on Oahu and the Outer Islands when people had electrical issues needing work and acceptance testing on new facilities. The Army Corps added Electro Test to a list of approved vendors, and all of the military installations began communicating with Electro Test when they had testing or troubleshooting needs. Since 2018, Brad, Jared, and the Electro Test crew have been involved in the start-up of new wind-farm substations, pumping stations, and several military installations.

Jesse, Jared, and Brad Helminen and Clifford Fa

Electro Test now has a permanent home in the center of the Island of Oahu in Wahiawa, Hawaii, that includes a large industrial shop with space to test off-site breakers and electrical devices.

“Electrical safety and testing standards in Hawaii have lagged behind mainland standards for decades,” notes Brad Helminen. “We are confident that Electro Test’s presence in Hawaii will help these industries keep pace with the modern world in the years to come.”

Brad and Jared Helminen are Electrical Engineers with degrees from Michigan Technological University. Jared is a licensed Professional Engineer in Michigan and Hawaii and has been a Level 3 NETA Technician since 2011. Brad holds a Master Electrician License and has been a Level 3 Certified NETA Technician since 2009. Clifford Fa, a former car mechanic who worked with mechanical and electrical systems, was brought on board in October 2020 for his skills with everything mechanical. Jesse Helminen, the youngest brother, joined the team full-time after a
six-month internship in May 2021. Jesse also holds a BS in electrical engineering from Michigan Technological University.

“NETA welcomes Electro Test LLC as a NETA Accredited Company,” says Eric Beckman, PE, President of National Field Services Inc. and current NETA President. “NETA Accredited Companies help advance the electrical power systems industry and ensure the safety and reliability of the electrical power system. Achieving NETA accreditation requires dedication and persistence, and we congratulate Electro Test on achieving this milestone event.”