NETA Welcomes CFM Services as NETA Accredited Company

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CFM Services, Inc. is an electrotechnical and engineering service firm formed by Christian Comtois, Stéphane Forgues, and Frédéric Morin to offer quality services at competitive prices. The young and dynamic company specializes in electrical services and electrical power. CFM offers maintenance services, testing, installation, repair and engineering in the areas of production, processing and distribution of low-, medium- and high-voltage electricity.

Since its debut, CFM Services has quickly earned a standout spot on the electrical and electrotechnical market with technicians and engineers who are qualified to test, diagnose, and repair your equipment with high-quality service. CFM’s instruments are at the cutting edge of technology and are calibrated annually.

CFM’s team of engineers provides a wide range of engineering services and is available to complete the simplest projects to the most complex ones.

“CFM Services is excited to achieve NETA accreditation because our existing and future customers require the structure, expertise, training, and documentation that NETA provides,” says Frédéric Morin, Vice President of Engineering. “While we believe we have these qualities as a company and as highly experienced field technicians, this is our opportunity to show that more concisely through NETA accreditation.”

“NETA recognizes the hard work NETA Accredited Companies like CFM Services have to put in to achieve this important milestone,” says Eric Beckman, PE, President of National Field Services, Inc. and current NETA President. “NETA Accredited Companies play a critical role in securing electrical power system safety and reliability for all, and NETA is a stronger organization due to the dedication of these companies to our industry.”

CFM Services Inc.
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