In Memoriam — Peter “Pete” Sherman

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March 26, 1939 – September 24, 2022
Pete and Virginia Sherman

One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.

William Barclay said, “There are two great days in a person’s life — the day we are born and the day we discover why.” On March 26, 1939, Peter Alan “Pete” Sherman was born, and it was a great day.

Pete Drafting in the Early Days at Trio

Bigger than life and full of love and never-ending generosity, Pete’s biggest joy in life was taking care of everyone around him, spending time with his family, traveling, relaxing with his beloved dogs, enjoying good wine and the occasional Dallas Cowboys victory — though there weren’t as many victories as he would have liked!

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Pete was a proud Texan. Always the patriot and proud of his country, he was a member of the Army National Guard, serving his country with pride and distinction and graduating from the U.S. Army Artillery and Missile School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, in September 1961. During and after college at the University of North Texas, he worked for his father’s company, Trio Aviation.


His time at Trio formed the foundation for his success. They focused on avionics and aircraft infrastructure, part of which was electrical alternators and other electrical assets. It was there that his dad helped him get started in the next chapter of his life: Shermco Industries.

Seeing an opportunity to break out and form his own business, Pete left Trio in 1974 and started Shermco. From Sarge Howell hoisting the United States flag on the first day in business to the hiring of Vietnam veterans to do the work, Shermco began its journey.

Initially specializing in aircraft electrical power systems and electric motor repair, Shermco also serviced 400-cycle alternators for the government. Pete tells the story that at one time every B52 aircraft in the U.S. fleet likely had a Shermco-serviced generator on board!


In the early 1980s, Shermco expanded its engineering services and became a NETA Accredited Company. The business grew and became one of the premier electrical engineering, electrical power, and rotating apparatus service companies in North America and one of the most respected NETA companies in the industry.

Pete and Ron Widup Studying Plans

Pete positively impacted hundreds of his Shermco family. Through his loving, caring, and nurturing characteristics and servant-leadership skills, he was somebody you wanted to work for. He was truly a unique leader and “one of the good guys.”


On September 24, 2022, Peter Alan Sherman unexpectedly and tragically passed away — and it was not a good day — but we leave you with this. At the beginning, we provided the Barclay quote, “There are two great days in a person’s life — the day we are born and the day we discover why.”

All of us who knew Pete Sherman share a common bond: Having known Pete and being lucky enough to have him in our lives, we can all take comfort in knowing that his positive influences were beneficial to everyone. For us, it’s our day of discovery. It’s our why.

Rest in peace, Pete.


From Pete’s retirement speech to the Shermco employees in December 2012:

There will always be change in life…

And it’s how we react to change and what we do with the opportunities that makes us better and stronger.

I hope that I will still be there in your hearts and minds because I guarantee that YOU will be in mine.

Have a great time as you continue to grow in your life and provide for your family.


Peter “Pete” Sherman

Peter Alan “Pete” Sherman, 83, passed away on Saturday September 24, 2022. He was born on March 26, 1939 and raised in Dallas, Texas. A 1958 graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School in Dallas. A member of the National Guard, he graduated from the U.S. Army Artillery and Missile School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, graduated from officer candidate school as a lieutenant, and went on to serve his country with pride and distinction.

Pete is survived by his beloved wife of 43 years, Virginia Sherman; daughter Missy Sherman-Balthrope; son John Sherman (Stephanie); son Larry Truitt (Allison); son Everett Truitt; daughter Leslie Schultea (Dennis); and eight grandchildren: Lauren Truitt, Brooke Balthrope, Sarah Schultea, Carter Truitt, William Balthrope, Price Schultea, London Sherman, and Brody Sherman. He also has two sisters: Susie Sherman and Dora Worrell.

He is preceded in death by his mother Mildred Sherman, father Jack Sherman, brother Jack “Jackie” Sherman, and granddaughter Grace Schultea. He is also preceded in death by his nephew, godson, and military hero, U.S. Army Major Matthew “Bubba” Worrell. 

Pete loved to spend time with his family, friends, and prized golden retrievers at his home in the mountains of Red River, New Mexico. Getting away to the mountains any chance he could was a special pleasure in his life. Pete and his wife Virginia also enjoyed traveling around the world on cruises. Learn more about Peter Sherman is this memorial video: