In Memoriam: John Hauck — “Students FIRST”

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John Hauck, 67, recently retired Electrical Technology Instructor at Long Beach City College (LBCC) and dear friend of NETA and Tony Demaria Electric, Inc. (TDE), passed away on May 31, 2020.

John was actively involved in successfully implementing the NETA Electrical Power Testing Technician (EPTT) Curriculum into LBCC’s existing Electrical Technology Program. He worked diligently with NETA and TDE to overcome numerous hurdles toward securing approval for the program from the State of California.

It all started in 2014 when TDE invited John to the NETA PowerTest Conference in Denver, Colorado. John spoke at the annual NETA Member Meeting about the proposed program and the efforts to implement it.

As a first step, NETA and LBCC participated in a series of successful discussions and site visits to decide how best to adopt NETA’s Electrical Power Testing Technician (EPTT) Curriculum, which includes a series of courses and labs designed to provide the education and knowledge required for a Level II NETA Test Technician as specified per ANSI/NETA ETT, Standard for Certification of the Electrical Testing Technician.

On November 15, 2016, LBCC and NETA signed a Memo of Understanding (MOU). This accomplishment was the culmination of John’s tireless efforts, professional dedication, and passion.

“John often said this was going to be his last project before he retired, as well as his legacy to the industry he loved,” says Neno Pasic. “And he kept his promise and retired shortly after the MOU was signed and LBCC adopted the NETA Curriculum.”

Nearly a year later, on October 4, 2017, John attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Grand Opening of the two buildings that now serve as the home of the LBCC Electrical Technology Program where the NETA curriculum is being taught.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (left to right): Nenad Pasic; Scott Fraser; Bob Sheppard; Anthony Demaria, Owner and Chairman, Tony Demaria Electric; Rick Reyes, President, Tony Demaria Electric; Katie Scarlett Reyes, Director of Operations Excellence and Safety & Quality Director, Tony Demaria Electric; Joe Barrios, Operations Manager, Tony Demaria Electric; and John Hauck

John was again on hand on May 17, 2019, as LBCC held its first-ever Career Technical Education (CTE) Night to promote the NETA Curriculum to prospective students and introduce it to other LBCC staff.

NETA Booth (left to right): John Hauck; Scott Fraser; Ken Peterson, NETA Training Committee Member; Bob Sheppard; Nenad Pasic; and Erfan Bamdad, LBCC Electrical Technology NETA Curriculum Instructor of Tony Demaria Electric

John is survived by his wife Gail, daughters Erica and Erin, son-in-law Brian, and grandchildren Leah and Jacob. “John would be (and is) over the moon to have this written although he would be the last to say that out loud,” Gail says. “He was the absolute last person to toot his own horn. ‘Students first’ was his motto.”

“John will always remain in our hearts and minds,” adds Pasic. “It was a privilege to know him.”

John’s celebration of life date will be announced when circumstances allow it.