Committee Report: CSA Z462 and CSA Z463

Kerry Heid, Shermco IndustriesFall 2021 Specifications & Standards, Specifications & Standards

NETA supports two main CSA standards in Canada: CSA Z462, Workplace Electrical Safety and CSA Z463, Maintenance of Electrical Systems. Both of these standards are entering a new  revision phase.


CSA Z462 is now chaired by Daniel Roberts. Daniel is well-known in electrical safety circles as an expert in electrical shock and arc flash exposure mitigation as well as standards development and training. This standard, which strives to remain harmonized with NFPA 70E, will release a new publication in 2024.

After 11 years as chair of CSA Z463, my tenure has expired. I’m pleased to announce that Lorne Gara (Shermco Industries and NETA Board Member) has been elected as the new technical committee chair. Lorne has numerous years of field experience and is highly regarded as one of the top technical experts within NETA’s Standards Review Council. The next edition of Z463 will be published in 2023.


In May 2021, virtual meetings were held for both standards to establish the technical committees, working groups, and timeline to the next edition. Face-to-face meetings are expected to take place during the fall of 2021.

Kerry Heid is an Executive Consultant at Shermco Industries. After beginning his career with Westinghouse Service, Kerry founded the Magna Electric Corporation (MEC) office in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1996 and became President of the company in 2001. MEC was acquired by Shermco Industries in December 2013, and Kerry served as CEO of Shermco Industries Canada until 2019. Kerry is a NETA Certified Level IV test technician and is active in Canadian standards development. He has served as Chair of the CSA Z463, Maintenance of Electrical Systems Technical Committee since 2010, and as a member of the CSA Z462, Workplace Electrical Safety Technical Committee since its inception in 2006. He received the prestigious Award of Merit from the Canadian Standards Association in 2019. Kerry served on NETA’s Board of Directors from 2003–2014, is a past-President, and received NETA’s Outstanding Achievement Award in 2010.