Capitol Area Testing Recognized as New NETA Accredited Company

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Capitol Area Testing, Inc. was born in 2006 from the perception that the data center Industry in Northern Virginia needed a more dedicated, service-oriented testing organization than what was being provided at the time. Since that time, Capitol Area Testing Inc. has been 70% dedicated to new data center acceptance testing, including medium-voltage distribution equipment, medium-voltage redundant power systems, low-voltage redundant power systems, critical power distribution, and mechanical support systems.

The company provides maintenance testing of existing data centers and has completed the Acceptance Testing on most of them, thereby providing the owners with a complete knowledge of their system upfront and creating long-term relationships with customers. Additional services include maintenance and acceptance testing for the major utility companies in the area. Future expansion plans include services for the government sector.

While the vast majority of Capitol Area Testing’s work is in the Northern Virginia Internet Corridor, they service customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and are currently seeking highly qualified test technicians to join their IBEW Signatory Company.

“Capitol Area Testing Inc. is excited to achieve NETA accreditation because our existing and future customers require the structure, expertise, training, and documentation that NETA provides,” says Vice President of Operations Carl VanHooijdonk. “While we believe we have these qualities as a company and as highly experienced field technicians, it is time to show that more concisely through NETA accreditation.”

“NETA recognizes the hard work that NETA Accredited Companies like Capitol Area Testing have to put in to achieve this important milestone,” says Scott Blizard, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of American Electrical Testing Co., Inc. and current NETA President. “NETA Accredited Companies play a critical role in securing electrical power system safety and reliability for all, and NETA is a stronger organization due to these companies’ dedication to our industry.”

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