CAP Spotlight: Raytech: A Global Leader for Nearly 30 Years

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NETA Corporate Alliance Partners (CAPs) are a group of industry-leading companies that have joined forces with NETA to work together toward a common aim: improving quality, safety, and electrical system reliability.

In this NETA World series highlighting NETA’s Corporate Alliance Partners, we recognize Raytech U.S.A. and its contribution to advancing the industry.

Raytech develops and produces high-quality measuring and testing equipment for the international power industry. Many industry-leading companies rely on Raytech products and services.


Raytech AG, a privately held company was established in Bremgarten, Switzerland, in 1995. The U.S. branch, Raytech USA Inc. was subsequently incorporated in January 1997 in a small garage in Woodlyn, Pennsylvania. In October 2012, Raytech USA moved the business to the small town of Perkasie, Pennsylvania, approximately an hour north of Philadelphia, where they are in operation today. Raytech USA Inc. is a privately held, women-owned business.

The engineers and technicians at the two Raytech facilities have been working in the industry for many years and have grown to become close friends. The values shared and the trust, loyalty, honesty, and integrity formed between these groups have been like no other and are even stronger today. 

The facilities were initially operated without any product offering — still in production mode. Therefore, Raytech U.S.A. could not obtain any financial backing. With savings nearly depleted, Raytech U.S.A. offered the industry its first product: a three-phase transformer ratiometer, the TR-SPY in 1997. This system was compact, durable, and easy to use. It had unique features that allowed anyone to operate it without calculations or even having to read the instruction manual. And with such robust design and ingenuity, this system was a big hit. The first unit sold is still in operation today. 


Raytech takes unique pride in providing the power testing industry and manufacturers with the most superior equipment available and stands 100% behind the products it sells. Those who have used their unique test equipment know that Raytech has always stood for integrity, and excellence, building a quality product at a fair price, and always providing superior customer support. 

Originating from its commitment to design and quality, Raytech was one of the first to offer a five-year warranty on all new test equipment sold by Raytech USA, Inc. The true measure of their commitment is demonstrated in the fact that 99% of all Raytech equipment sold is still in operation today. 


  • 1997: Raytech introduced the TR-SPY,  a three-phase ratiometer. Raytech U.S.A.’s first system, theTR=SPY, was designed to be operated without having to read the instruction manual. Selecting transformer configurations was done using pictures. The product development team decided to use yellow cases for the test equipment, a good idea as it made the Raytech product stand out so that everyone would know it was a Raytech. The yellow case also ensured that the equipment was not left behind at the workplace or substation. 
  • 1999: Introduced T-Rex – Three-Phase Voltage Option for TR-SPY
  • 1999: Introduced TR-Jr – Single-Phase Ratiometer
  • 2000: Introduced µ-Jr – 10 Amp Micro Ohm Meter
  • 2002: Introduced TR-Mark II – Three-Phase Ratiometer
  • 2003: Introduced MJ-04 – Kelvin Probe Set
  • 2004: Introduced WR-50 – 50 Amp Winding Resistance Unit Works with µ-Jr 
  • 2004: Introduced µ-Centurion (MC2) – 200 Amp Micro Ohm Meter
  • 2007: Introduced Tr-1 – Single-Phase Ratiometer
  • 2008: Introduced WR50-12 – 50 Amp 2-Channel Winding Resistance Meter 
  • 2008: Introduced WR50-13 – 50 Amp, 3-Channel Winding Resistance Meter 
  • 2010: Introduced TR-Mark III – Three-Phase Ratiometer
  • 2010: Introduced WR-14 – Portable Battery-Operated Winding Resistance Meter
  • 2011: Introduced ATOS – Fully Automatic Transformer Test System for Factory
  • 2013: Introduced TR-Mark III – 250 V, Three-Phase Ratiometer
  • 2014: Introduced T-Base – Free Database Software for All Users
  • 2016: Introduced CT-T1 – Current Transformer Test Set
  • 2016: Introduced CAPO 2.5 – 2.5 kV Power Factor, C/Tan Delta Test Set
  • 2019: Introduced CAPO 12 – 12 kV Power Factor, C/Tan Delta Test Set
  • 2022: Introduced Mini-ATOS – Fully Automatic Portable Transformer Test System

Raytech’s leadership explains, “Raytech has grown and evolved over the years by listening to its customers’ needs and executing the research and development necessary to build products that will last and produce results, all while being very easy to use.”

“We work with key customers and test labs to vigorously review newly developed equipment and provide feedback…good as well as bad. This input is a value-added resource that allows us to produce the best test equipment on the market. Our development time from concept to product is three to five years.”


With the growing number of energy projects and the aging power infrastructure, there is a greater demand for testing services to ensure the reliability, safety, and performance of these assets. The power testing industry is growing and has been growing, and the rise of the service companies has been to Raytech’s advantage.

Supply chain delay issues may become somewhat of an obstacle; however, being proactive has helped Raytech strive to keep production on track and delays to a minimum.

Raytech has committed to two main drivers that will impact growth:

  • Increasing its workforce with quality people who are team players, with a positive outlook,  and passionate about serving this industry 
  • Development of new products based on customer feedback while continuing to achieve the high quality and service Raytech customers have come to expect 


Raytech first attended NETA’s PowerTest Conference in 1999, making its first appearance at the PowerTest New Product Forum. After introducing the TR-SPY Transformer Ratiometer, company representative Ray Bryant tossed the instrument to Jim White, a representative of Shermco Industries, to demonstrate the durability of Raytech equipment. Bryant recalls, “Fortunately, Jim nearly caught it, but he bobbled it to the floor. Everyone was surprised. After retrieving the system, many folks followed me out of the room claiming it was just an empty box. I plugged it in and turned it on to show it still worked: Durable, Rugged, and Reliable.” 

Since that first experience, Raytech has continued to attend NETA’s annual PowerTest Conferences, advertise regularly in NETA World, and has become a Corporate Alliance Partner. 


NETA has presented opportunities for Raytech to meet the people who own and work for the great electrical power service companies and industrial manufacturers in North America. NETA is a gathering of excellent technical focus on testing and measurement. 

Across the electrical power industry, great test equipment and superior customer service have been the key to Raytech’s success.