Arc-Flash Hazard and Mitigation

Eric Beckman, National Field Services, NETA PresidentColumns, President's Desk, Spring 2022 Columns

First, welcome to Denver and PowerTest 2022. It certainly is nice to be back to an in-person event! This year also happens to be NETA’s 50th anniversary. Be sure to watch out for special events celebrating this anniversary. You won’t want
to miss them.

There has been so much development in the area of arc-flash hazard awareness and mitigation in the past 20 years, and it only continues to improve through new technologies and more accurate calculations, as well as enhanced safe work practices and PPE.

IEEE Std. 1584, IEEE Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Hazard Calculations went through major changes in 2018. Since then, there has been much conversation surrounding how and where to use these calculations. In this issue of NETA World, our cover story takes a look at some of the major changes in IEEE 1584.

This issue also highlights best practices for mitigating arc flash. In the past, it was often a challenge to figure out the best compromise between coordination and arc-flash energy reduction. Fortunately, as technologies and understanding of arc-flash incidents have improved, we’re presented with many different options that not only allow for coordination, but also allow for reduction of arc-flash energy, thereby reducing exposure to injury.

In another feature, we take a look at reliable arc-flash protection systems that include methods for detecting arc flash and combining that with protective features to quickly eliminate the hazard.

Plan ahead and always put safety first!

Eric Beckman, PE, President
InterNational Electrical Testing Association