Alliance Recognition Award Honoree Always Eager to Share Knowledge

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To those who know Dinesh Chhajer, it was no surprise he was named NETA’s 2019 Alliance Recognition Award honoree. Chhajer, who manages the technical support group for Megger, earned his MS in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington, and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Texas. Previously an applications engineer and substation and design engineer, Dinesh’s current responsibilities include engineering consulting related to transformers, circuit breakers, and other substation assets. His Megger co-workers describe him as dedicated, professional, truly caring of others, and always willing to help or teach.

“Dinesh is always willing to step in wherever he can,” says Damien Robinson, Megger’s Regional Sales Manager.  “He is eager to teach and quick to find a whiteboard or paper to draw a diagram. He is someone who talks to your level to ensure you understand, and he is surprisingly funny — rare for an engineer.”

While his co-workers weren’t surprised, Chhajer was. “I was surprised and thrilled at the same time. Being recognized among my peers was very rewarding,” he says. “I feel humble and thankful to my family, to Megger, and to the technical support group team for giving me the support and strength to do good work and stay grounded. I am also thankful to NETA for offering a platform where I can contribute.”

Robinson says Chhajer is a great example of how someone can contribute to the power industry. “He develops app notes and white papers, conducts presentations and webinars, and generally participates in committee meetings with IEEE, NETA, and others,” he explains. “He is a frequent NETA World author, a regular presenter at PowerTest and at the Corporate Alliance Partner Roundtables, and coordinates abstract submittals for PowerTest.”

Diego Robalino, Principal Engineer for Megger, says Dinesh has always been an active and energetic participant in the industry. “It is not always easy to develop ideas and then be able to share that knowledge with peers and customers that are at different stages in the testing technology evolution. Dinesh is able to share his knowledge in a comprehensive and practical way. He and his group are always working with PowerTest staff to provide high-quality, current, and interesting material for attendees.”

During his 12-year involvement with NETA, Chhajer says he has been fortunate to collaborate with the NETA team to contribute to PowerTest conferences, teach classes, write technical articles, and develop strong relations with industry peers. “Sharing knowledge is very critical in our industry. The knowledge and experience we have must be shared with younger generations,” Chhajer says. “NETA does a great job through NETA World, online training sessions, conferences, ATS and MTS standards, the various levels of technician certification, and open-forum panel sessions where we can share best practices, experiences, and the latest innovations.”

Robinson and Robalino both point to Chhajer’s energetic drive for sharing knowledge as one of the things they admire most. “He brings a unique presentation style,” Robinson says. “There are many smart people in NETA, perhaps some smarter than Dinesh, but many have a monotone presentation style. Dinesh is interactive and can break up the monotony by interjecting a joke or other amusing anecdote.”

It’s a style he brings to all of his interactions. “Dinesh and the Megger team bring a special energy to PowerTest and NETA,” Robalino says. “He provides that extra boost in everything he does, including best-practices seminars before the conference, participating in the Alliance and Member Meeting and Corporate Alliance Roundtables, presenting papers and seminars, and mingling with attendees.”

Chhajer says he doesn’t know another way. “I have always been passionate about power. I did my MS in electrical engineering with a focus on power systems. When I joined Megger, I was excited about the chance to work with engineering, R&D, utilities, and service companies. It was a perfect combination of putting experience and academics to work,” he says. “Writing technical papers, sharing experiences, troubleshooting customer issues, thinking out of the box, and learning from industry experts all are very satisfying to me. Every day is different, and that is what makes this line of work challenging and motivating.”

He says his years with Megger and NETA and all the people he has met along the way have helped reinforce his passion. “Throughout my professional career, many people have helped shape who I am today,” he says. “My mentors have always maintained a positive attitude and kept things simple. I have been lucky to have a great working environment throughout my career. Some of the most important attributes I have learned are professional sincerity and accountability.”